A global bank

The Challenge

A global bank that had been established for centuries and was a household name was struggling in the digital age. They had enormous success and profitability but were being impacted by competitors moving faster digitally and not knowing where to turn. They needed a digital marketing strategy.

The Solution

Our CEO worked with the bank to develop a clear strategy for moving the organisation into the digital age. This need to be not just technology or process but also culture and people. Working with an organisation of over 200,000 employees means building a broad and clear strategy with specific timelines and ownership and delivering it through education and the shifting of mindsets.

The initial focus was on the website – building something fit for purpose. Responsive, sophisticated, call to action focussed but brand-led. Rich and compelling. This included AI content personalisation and was delivered in a highly regulated environment but still smoothly and with a well received outcome across the company.

Following this social media processes were reviewed – a challenging job in a global bank – but these resulted in significantly more coverage for the bank. This also enabled the launch of the company’s first social advertising which proved enormously successful.

Our CEO also spoke at the company’s Town Hall events and worked closely with the leadership team to bring digital onto the agenda of the LT meetings. Alongside this he worked on innovation initiatives, hiring plans, data analysis and research projects and regulatory challenges to get to the heart of the organisation.

The Results

Through this complete, immersive, multi-year project, the bank was changed beyond recognition. SEO performance on the primary keyword moved from nowhere to position 1 globally. Advertising delivered over $100m of new business. Social Media gained significant engagement and coverage improvements. The most compelling outcome though was the culture change that led the business to remain at the top for the long term.