A global health tech business

The Challenge

A global Healthtech company had delivered early growth and built a compelling product. They had achieved PR coverage and won awards. However, they were unsure of where to turn next for growth as the sales slowed. They reached out to us to help them find a path forwards.

The Solution

We audited their historic and current marketing activity, reviewed the customer base and market and used our strategic modelling process to find the gaps and opportunities for the business.

It quickly became apparent that, whilst some excellent work had been done, there were a number of area that needed work. The website was inconsistent, poorly designed and thin on content. The historic advertising activity was not focussed on the target audience or using compelling hooks. There was no SEO work and social media was also very lacking in a field that leant itself so well to the disruptive message.

As a result, we build a series of localised, responsive and beautiful websites that lifted the brand, built multi-channel advertising strategies that delivered hundreds of leads in their first few months, launched an SEO strategy to drive organic results, built a content strategy across multiple geographies and supported their senior team and local teams around the world in improving sales, awareness and cost management alongside many other strategic initiatives.

The Results

We delivered over 150 new B2B leads from highly targeted, warm prospects, a 10% increase in visibility across the search engines, a 15-25% increase in website technical quality, a more aligned and clear brand and set clear strategies and action plans for the following years to enable the business to build on this success.

We’re delighted to have been given a 5 star review by their wonderful team and continue to work with them on other projects.