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S2 E4: Jon Mowat – How to Build a Successful Video Strategy


In this 4th episode of Season 2 of For The Love of Marketing #podcast, I am back once again with ...

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S2 Ep3: Neal Veglio – All Things Podcasting


In this episode, we’re talking all things podcasting with Neal Veglio, aka Podknows Neal.

We cover ...

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S2 Ep2: Jon Mowat – The Psychology of Video Marketing


In this 2nd episode of Season 2 of For The Love of Marketing #podcast, I sit down with Jon Mowat, ...

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S2 Ep1: Martin Calvert – International SEO


In this 1st episode of Season 2 of For The Love of Marketing #podcast, I sit down with Martin Calvert, ...

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AI and The Future of SEO


In this episode of For The Love of Marketing, I’m joined by Jeff Collins – an SEO expert who ...

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Social Media Marketing & Selling


In this week’s episode, we have Nicola May, who’s written 16 bestselling romantic comedy novels and had a ...

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Digital Marketing Skills & Training


In this week’s episode, we have Daniel Rowles, a digital marketing trainer, author and consultant. Listen the full ...

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Creative Copywriting with Konrad Sanders


In this week’s episode, we have Konrad Sanders, a content strategist and CEO of The Creative Copywriter.📹 Listen ...

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Personal Branding with Sam Winsbury


In this week’s episode, we have Sam G Winsbury, the Founder of Kurogo. Sam and his team are ...

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Social Media Communities


In this week’s episode, we have @AshleyFriedlein, the Founder of Guild, a platform for professional groups, networks and ...

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Sustainable Marketing FT. Michelle Carvill


In this week’s podcast, we have Michelle Carvill, a strategic and sustainable marketer, author and trainer. She also ...

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Sustainable Web Design FT. Carl Hewitt


In this week’s podcast, we have Carl Hewitt, a paid media & web development expert who’s the CEO & ...

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The changing face of PR FT. Devon Perry


Public relations has changed a lot over the last 20 years. From the impact of SEO to the use of ...

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Social Selling FT. Tim Hughes


This week’s podcast has a special guest Tim Hughes, and he talks about the art of social selling. ...

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Authority FT. Oliver Duffy


Tune in as Oliver Duffy-Lee gives away his secret to maintaining authority online and his guide to growing a ...

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How to Market Content


Content is all the rage these days. When everybody is creating content how does one stand out? What are ...

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Marketing in Recession


This week’s topic is every marketer’s most dreaded word – RECESSION. During an economic downturn, companies have the ...

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Metaverse of Madness


Metaverse has been a hot topic of discussion for a very long time. Seemingly, it will have a big ...

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A Career in Digital Marketing


A career in digital marketing seems very lucrative. Therefore in this week’s episode, we talk about how to ...

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Are you Rainbow Washing?


In honor of LGBTQIA+ pride month, businesses awash their logos in rainbow hues every June. It can be challenging ...

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Marketing Trends in 2022


The pandemic, war, and economic crisis have made this world unstable. To stay ahead Marketers need to adapt quickly ...

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The Two Brains of a Marketer


In this week’s podcast, we have a serious discussion on social media and its effect on mental health ...

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Content Does Not Last Forever


In this week’s podcast, we talk about content pruning, the benefits of doing it regularly and how best ...

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Twitter in the Reign Of Elon Musk


A few days ago, Elon Musk purchased his favorite social media app Twitter for a mere $44 billion. Probably, it ...